Cleaners and Doing Stuff

So how about bubble gum smelling cleaners? How come there are none available on the market? I haven’t seen any at the stores I go to. Or what about vanilla rocky road ice cream?

Can someone help me out with that? I may actually want to make my home smell like bubble gum. I might just clean more to make my pad smell nice. Then I would eat vanilla rocky road ice cream, this might make my day busy enough so I don’t have to think about stuff. Thinking too much is a waste of time, play video games or talk to someone. Don’t hold in your feelings, speak to your parents, friends, doctors, counselors, a stranger at the market, but always be nice, patient, and friendly. I like to keep busy doing work of some kind, sometimes video games keep me occupied.

Just keeping busy, so I am not thinking about all the stuff that makes me feel something. I don’t like to sit there and think about stuff, sometimes it gets complicated. Some issues can be resolved and other issues is just a waste of time.

Staying busy is better, and if by staying busy it makes me the money I need to resolve an issue, then I just helped myself by easing my mind. It is funny how money can resolve many issues that are on my mind, but sometimes money is meaningless.

Some people will shine because the money solved the issue for them to buy something nice they that makes them a better person. It is called investing in yourself, a powerful investment idea. Like bringing treats to loved ones sometimes, that is also investing in yourself.

My friend called me the other day and said “I want to get some 24 inch rims on my ride man, I got the money to make it happen.” As a friend, I advised him to invest in himself and take care of some of his problems that are on his mind. This will help him further his dream of being a business owner. He knows this is the best thing for him, and I hope he decides to make the right decision for his future.

We all just have to be patient and stay busy. Do not get lost in our own mind because you stay to yourself. No sense in thinking about stuff too much. Stay busy multitasking, pick up a book, a guitar, or both. Stay busy, stay patient.