Winners Endure It All And Still Do More!

The world favors those who persevere and act in bold ways. Winners know and live this universal law of success. Winners consistently find ways to show bravery by enduring fear, pain, discomfort, and uncertainty, and then somehow manage to do more. Winners use hardship as reasons to succeed rather than reasons to give up.

I can remember a time when I was out in public and I saw a young girl and her mother in great distress. I could see that this young girl’s unfortunate stroke of bad luck was tearing this girl and her mother apart. But somehow in the midst of this ferocious storm the girl’s mother’s wisdom prevailed as she calmly and gently told her daughter that all she had to do was to just make one small move in the right direction, and eventually everything will somehow work itself out. That’s it! Just one small move in the right direction is almost always the answer to our most daunting problems. It almost seems to simple to be true, but I am sure that we have all heard the old maxim of a thousand mile journey begins with a single step, right?

Remember, motion creates emotion! So let’s move our body in some tiny way toward something that is better than the present and we’ll find the emotional energy in that first step to continue. And then one day we’ll be absolutely amazed and lost in wonderment at the exciting journey that we almost did not take.

Furthermore, we’ll be extremely proud when we look in the mirror and see the type of person we have become. We’ll finally feel lucky and forget about whatever problems we used to have. In addition, we’ll be confident in knowing that from now on we’ll be able to handle whatever curve balls life throws at us by refusing to be paralyzed and stepping out of our comfort zone to something better.

It won’t be easy though! It never is easy because our Creator is more concerned about our character than our comfort. Remember, the biggest and best trees have endured the strongest winds. So let’s let life’s fires mold us into that best woman or man of steel possible. Let’s let life turn us into that superhero that we’re supposed to be.

Now teens and even tweens, go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us. Remember, winners have the courage to endure fear, pain, and uncertainty, and still do more. And once again, thanks in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do.

30 Aug 2015

Teach Children Environmental Education Through Fantasy and Adventure

As awareness is raised in the area of green living and organic gardening, many are realizing the importance of caring for the earth around us. In addition, it has become completely apparent that it is impossible to think that a handful of people can reverse centuries of neglect and abuse of our planet. One major goal of our society today should be to provide quality education to children and stress the importance of continuing this green living priority in the next generation.

As a parent, it can be difficult to find ways to introduce these environmental topics to youth in everyday life. Even with the vast resources of the internet and print media, getting children to actively participate and want to engage themselves in matters relating to saving the planet can be a challenge. While setting an example for kids to follow is a key component to environmental education, introducing literature that uses fantasy characters to teach the same lessons will give your children added exposure. In addition, many teachers and parents have found that young adults will be much more passionate about topics that they associate with a loveable character or with a favorite story.

Because of this, there has been a rise of recent print and e-book releases specifically written in a way that connects young readers to Mother Nature. The authors of these stories use their literary gifts to hold the attention of young adult readers as well as capture the hearts of children. By incorporating characters and elements such as talking flowers and by giving emotion to the whimsy inhabitants of forests, gardens, and other natural habitats, they teach children a valuable lesson on caring for plants, the environment, and for our Earth in general.

The target audience for many of these stories are children ages 6-12. This truly reaches youth at an age that many other initiatives of the past seemed to miss. This is also said to be a critical time in life for instilling a solid foundation of good habits and practices in kids. Whether read aloud to a young reader or read alone by those more advanced, parents and children alike will love the way that fantasy and adventure are entwined so eloquently in these stories.

Environmental protection is our responsibility and we must take it seriously. By educating ourselves, our neighbors, and our children about its importance, we are taking a huge step to sustaining our planet and making a difference for the future.

Prepare to be charmed by Rebecca and the Strangest Garden on Earth. An excellent tale of supernatural friendships, survival and hope that will encourage children to get out in the garden and inspire a love for plants and the outdoors! Available in print or as an eBook on Amazon.

30 Aug 2015

3 Steps to Building Resilience in Teens to Overcome Bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, and in recent years the issue of bullying has finally grabbed the notice and urgency of parents, school administrators, and the media. Bullying is a ripple effect that if not addressed, can affect not just the many children and teens going through it, but also their parents and their school. Pre-teens and teens who are bullied at school or online often don’t tell their parents or other adults what is happening because they find it embarrassing, and believe that telling will just make it worse for themselves at school among their peers by being labeled a “snitch”. Signs that parents and teachers should keep an eye out for as signs of bullying that often go under the radar can include:

  • Avoiding school or group gatherings including lunch and recess
  • Going straight to class rather than hanging out with friends during breaks between classes
  • Withdrawing from family, friends, and things they enjoy.
  • Worrying about social situations like school dances, and any after school activities
  • A sudden drop in grades
  • Changes in sleeping, appetite, or mood that shows in acting out of anger at home.

Any of the symptoms listed above could be mistaken by a parent as teen angst and moodiness. Parents often hope that their children will learn and build strength or character from setbacks in life, but it may not be as simple if they have low self-esteem. After all junior high and high school is often filled with social rejection and ever-changing relationships among friends and others. If we stop to think on this for a bit, we find that being harassed by someone who is looking for conflict is one of the most uncomfortable things we can experience in school. There are a number of different factors that can result in a pre-teen or teen having low self-esteem and struggling to overcome bullying. Along with recognizing the symptoms of bullying that slip under the radar, there are steps parents can take in helping their pre-teens and teens to develop confidence and the resilience to overcome bullying.

1. Measuring Up

Often our self-esteem is shaped in part due to messages we grow up with. Parents who reflect on their child’s upbringing may uncover some potential factors such as how parenting, family relationships, and cultural values and beliefs may have shaped their self-esteem. When children don’t feel like they measure up to what is expected of them by themselves or others, it results in their adopting a negative perception of themselves from not being what they think they need or should be. Raising awareness of this can help pre-teens and teens begin to determine and distinguish what and how they value and measure their self-worth. It’s important for parents to be mindful how they react, and try not overreact when their teen doesn’t meet certain expectations, such as grade slipping. Many teens interpret their parent’s reaction of disappointment as rejection. Parents sadly realize that their reaction to poor grades have been interpreted as: “you will only accept me if I get good grades in school”.

2. Talk It Out

Start a discussion about how to deal with setbacks. Whether a parent draws from their own experiences or uses stories of bullying ripped from the headlines in the news or social media. Talking about real life experiences is effective in shining a light on how pre-teens or teens perceives bullying and themselves in relation to how they deal with different types of setbacks in their lives.

3. Connecting with a Professional

Therapy gives pre-teens and teens the opportunity to process what their beliefs about themselves are and to challenge and test self-sabotaging thoughts. Therapy can also help teach mindfulness exercises that can help to recognize how they respond physically to situations with high anxiety and practice being in the moment while maintaining a sense of calm. Doing work in therapy can help students who struggle with being bullied in learning strategies to cope with and change the outcome of harsh social cliques and awkward situations. Students who even do well in school can benefit from therapy by learning how to embrace even the most difficult of challenges.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom.” ~ Aristotle

As human beings we are born with the potential for resilience to overcome obstacles in our lives along with the desire to connect with those around us. Parents can help their children by recognizing the symptoms of bullying and actively listening to how their pre-teen or teen views setbacks. While pre-teens and teens can become stuck feeling hopeless in overcoming shame and humiliation of being bullied or with a pattern of negative thinking that can come with low self-esteem, there is always hope that it can (and will) get better when they have support from their parents, and the opportunity to look within and develop a healthy sense of self.

Joshua Soto, is a Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern (639) in private practice in Irvine, CA. Josh specializes in working with pre-teens, teens, and young adults. He is employed and supervised by Dr. Renee Miller, LMFT (43207) at 18023 Sky Park Circle, Suite G, Irvine, CA. Josh is accepting new clients and can be reached at (714) 422-0396.

29 Aug 2015

Cleaners and Doing Stuff

So how about bubble gum smelling cleaners? How come there are none available on the market? I haven’t seen any at the stores I go to. Or what about vanilla rocky road ice cream?

Can someone help me out with that? I may actually want to make my home smell like bubble gum. I might just clean more to make my pad smell nice. Then I would eat vanilla rocky road ice cream, this might make my day busy enough so I don’t have to think about stuff. Thinking too much is a waste of time, play video games or talk to someone. Don’t hold in your feelings, speak to your parents, friends, doctors, counselors, a stranger at the market, but always be nice, patient, and friendly. I like to keep busy doing work of some kind, sometimes video games keep me occupied.

Just keeping busy, so I am not thinking about all the stuff that makes me feel something. I don’t like to sit there and think about stuff, sometimes it gets complicated. Some issues can be resolved and other issues is just a waste of time.

Staying busy is better, and if by staying busy it makes me the money I need to resolve an issue, then I just helped myself by easing my mind. It is funny how money can resolve many issues that are on my mind, but sometimes money is meaningless.

Some people will shine because the money solved the issue for them to buy something nice they that makes them a better person. It is called investing in yourself, a powerful investment idea. Like bringing treats to loved ones sometimes, that is also investing in yourself.

My friend called me the other day and said “I want to get some 24 inch rims on my ride man, I got the money to make it happen.” As a friend, I advised him to invest in himself and take care of some of his problems that are on his mind. This will help him further his dream of being a business owner. He knows this is the best thing for him, and I hope he decides to make the right decision for his future.

We all just have to be patient and stay busy. Do not get lost in our own mind because you stay to yourself. No sense in thinking about stuff too much. Stay busy multitasking, pick up a book, a guitar, or both. Stay busy, stay patient.

27 Aug 2015

Advantages of Sending Your Child to an Overnight Summer Camp

If you’re facing the prospect of your son or daughter’s first summer at sleepaway camp, you may be just a little nervous about whether or not it’s the right decision. Rest assured that for most kids who are ready to spend an extended period of time away from home, not only will they most likely have a blast, they’ll also enjoy the boundless benefits of this time-honored summer tradition.

Ramping Up Social Skills

Camp is a great place to improve social skills and to build self-confidence. Away from the social expectations of cliques at school or in the neighborhood, youngsters can branch out and learn how to meet new people and develop new friendships under the guidance of counselors who are well-trained in facilitating these social interactions. Offering incredible chances to get to know people from different parts of the U.S. or even foreign countries, camp helps children learn how to bridge cultural gaps and develop a more global view of the world. From sharing chores to pulling pranks and getting the hang of respecting other people’s space, camp invites youngsters to pull together as a new little community.

Developing New Interests

Youngsters can learn a lot about themselves at summer camp. Particularly, since these lively months are brimming with opportunities to learn new skills, hone old ones and step outside their comfort zone. Often children will hang back at school rather than try something new because they are afraid of failure or intimidating expectations. At camp, however, everyone’s trying a new activity from art and singing to diving and sailing. Better yet, counselors are trained to be encouraging and supportive of all efforts.

Getting Out in Nature

Mainly situated on lakes, and in the woodlands and mountains throughout the country, sleepaway camps immerse youngsters into the wonderful world of nature and wildlife helping them to discover a connection that for some will last a lifetime. For campers from urban areas in particular, the magic of an owl’s hoot in the star-speckled darkness, the tug of a first fish on the line or just learning to forge a path through the forest helps in the development of a love and respect for a beautiful world they might not otherwise be exposed to. Not to mention how healthy it is to breathe in all of that fresh air!

Providing Avenues for Safe Risk-Taking

Under the watchful eye of trained summer camp staff, kids can gain the confidence to take safe risks, whether diving into the deep end of the pool, swimming across the lake, braving the high ropes course or singing a solo at the evening campfire. With these safe risk-taking opportunities, youngsters, especially those nearing adolescence, are less likely to seek more detrimental outlets for experimentation as they grow older.

Promoting Resilience

Most kids, even the most outgoing and flexible, experience some homesickness, especially in their first summer away at camp. Even those who are having fun with new friends and activities often report times of missing home and family. However, most overcome this common malady with the help of counselors, friends and fun-filled activities, and it’s this process that helps youngsters build a strong foundation of resilience that will stand them in good stead throughout their lives.

Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle

Researchers have found that more kids than ever before are spending their summer vacation hanging around the house glued to various electronic devices. Going to summer overnight camp guarantees that your son or daughter, at the very minimum, will be getting outside and running around which very likely will limit how much time they spend on a phone or computer… perhaps no time at all! They will be well-supervised, getting involved in a host of exciting outdoor adventures and spending fun-filled times with other kids and camp counselors. Not only will your summer camper be having a great time, you will be free to attend to other responsibilities without having to worry about what he or she is doing with all of their down time.

20 Aug 2015

Toddler Art Adventures!

There’s no doubt about it. Toddlers love messing around with art materials, whipping up wild and wonderful creations to be hung on the refrigerator with great pride. From handprint collages to whimsical valentine cards and fragrant playdough masterpieces, tots dive into art projects with great enthusiasm. But art is more than just fun; it’s also great for your preschooler’s fine motor skills, language development, imagination and inventiveness. Following are a few ideas for expanding your little one’s artistic horizons.

Art Adventures at Home

Make your kitchen a little art classroom. Tots don’t have a lot of material demands in the art department, but variety is key to their creative endeavors. Cover the table in a protective cloth and bring out the play dough, paints (washable!), crayons, colored paper and paste and let the good times roll. Collages are always fun and the materials may be right in your house already. Try glitter, macaroni, feathers, cut-up old greeting cards, magazines, playing cards (did you always wonder what to do with those decks with one card missing?), seeds, sequins or wrapping paper. The list is limited only by your imagination. And keep in mind that it’s the process of creating that’s important not coloring within the lines. So, be encouraging of your toddler’s art. Let them talk about their masterpiece. It’s a great way to boost language skill development as well as getting a bit of insight into the thought processes of your young child.

Let’s Hear It for the Library

Local libraries often run a super slate of kids’ activities, with toddler story times combining books and an associated craft activity. It’s a great place to let the little ones whip up some colorful masterpieces while at the same time experiencing the joy of books and having a chance to meet other tots. Library story times are free, fun and a super way to encourage both a love of art and a love of books.

Day Camp Creations

Tots who spend a morning at summer day camp get plenty of chances to let their creative flags fly in daily arts-and-crafts classes, one part of a schedule jam-packed with indoor and outdoor fun. Your little one will bring home all sorts of projects and decorations from nature-themed collages to funky jewelry, scratch art and colorful airplanes. Art classes are always a camper favorite, since it’s so much fun to dive into paints, clay and crayons surrounded by camp pals and fun-loving counselors.

Cool Community Center Classes

Community centers, YMCAs and year-round day camps usually offer a nice selection of toddler art classes. Depending on your child’s age, classes may involve a parent and adult, which gives both you and your tot a chance to spend some time together while meeting new friends and channeling your inner artist in a delightfully messy toddler way.

Getting Hands-On at the Museum

For a cool combination of art and science, wildlife or history, check out the toddler program schedule at a local zoo or museum. Lots of these institutions run programs for youngsters that mix up a little education along with some artsy endeavors and of course some lively socializing. Children’s museums usually run a wonderful variety of programs for all ages of kids, incorporating art into everything from music to science and literature. Art museums often run family programs that use drawing, picture books and music to help bring works of art to life. For a really wild hour, try toddler time at the local petting zoo which is always a big hit when it combines a story, an art activity and a real “wildlife” encounter with critters more their size.

15 Aug 2015

5 Awesome Haircuts For Little Boys

Little boys are on their way to becoming little men and you should let them be as fashionable as possible. One of the ways of letting your little boy be fashionable is giving him a great haircut. Here are 5 great haircuts for little boys:

Long haircut

If your boy has long hair you don’t have to cut it short-you should style it. To add texture, cut the hair with a razor blade instead of a pair of scissors. For a perfect look, let the hair go halfway over the ears. Also consider giving it bangs that land over the eyebrows.

For a smoother look consider blow drying the hair.

The long haircut is great, but avoid it if your boy’s hair is extremely curly or pin straight.

Clean cut

To give your son a clean look this is the haircut to go for. The style looks great on boys with thinner hair that tends to lay down flat. It’s also ideal for wavier hair. In addition to the hair style being easy to maintain, it’s also easy to get.

Cut the bottom hair with number one, two or three clipper head then cut the top with a clipper head that is one head-length longer. This will ensure that the bottom hair is short and clean-cut while the top hair is a little bit longer.

To style the hair, wet it and part it at the side. For ideal results use a mousse or gel with a strong hold.


It’s a long haircut ideal for kids with fine or wavy hair that has some form of texture. Here you keep the hair tapered around the neck and ears while keeping the hair longer up top.

You should keep the hair clean-cut around the ears and add some longer layers. To keep the hair a little bit shaggy, avoid making the hair layers too short.

While the haircut is great, avoid it if your kid’s hair is pin straight.


Is your child blessed with curly hair? Why destroy it? Give the curly hair a polished look by cutting it clean around the ears and neck. Cut the sides about an inch and the top 2-3 inches long. Once you are through blend the top and bottom using scissors and a comb.

Faux hawk

Most boys look great in Mohawk haircuts. If your boy’s hair isn’t too long you should give him a faux hawk cut. Cut the hair in such a way that you have small amount of longer hair at the top and 2-3 inches hair wide across the head.

Cut shorter hair with 3-4 clipper head and scissors to cut the longer hair.


These are some of the best haircuts for boys. Remember that different haircuts look great on different head shapes. You should research and find the right haircut for your kid.

12 Aug 2015

Fact, Fiction and Fun in Children’s Books

Many aspects of life are characterised by three defining factors, and in the case of popular children’s books these are often the combination of fact, fiction and fun. The fact usually comes from a real life setting, either contemporary or historical. This provides a background that is at least partly recognised by the young reader, either from life experience or from school lessons. Against this background is set a fictional element that is an impossibility, such as the widely familiar talking animals. The fun arises from the juxtaposition of fact and fiction, as well as from the characterisation and the story line.

The three elements are clearly seen in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. The setting is the contemporary middle-class England of summer garden parties with cucumber sandwiches, and although access to Wonderland is down through a rabbit hole, the action reverts to the open air on a croquet lawn. The fictional element is essentially manifested in talking animals which are in constant interlocution with human caricatures like the Mad Hatter, the Duchess and the Queen of Hearts. The fun comes from the humorous situations that arise from these interactions, as well as from the memorable characters and the philosophically funny things they say.

In Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows, talking animals are again set in a contemporary England but it is a nearly real England, not a wonderland. The four main characters are more rounded and more seriously engaged in tackling realistic challenges. It is fantasy, but not so extreme or dreamlike as that experienced by Alice. While Alice is always in sunlight, Toad, Mole, Rat and Badger, seem to work through their adventures under shade on the river bank, but the humour is still abundant.

Not only animals are given voices to enhance the fictional element. In the Reverend Wilbert Awdry’s tales of Thomas the Tank Engine, all the engines can talk as well as the railway staff, and sometimes even wagons and carriages find their tongues. The fun comes largely from the distinct personalities given to the engines which each have recognisable human attitudes and characteristics. At the time the stories were written, most children would have been familiar with railways and steam engines, but in addition to laughing at the funny situations, the readers would have learned much about how railways are run and the purposes they serve.

All good children’s books have an educational element that is both painless and unconscious. It is painless because it is unconscious. With the reader preoccupied in enjoying the stories, and laughing at the jokes, the learning goes on without being noticed. Although children love fantasy, they have an instinctive filter to separate it from reality, and much of the fun comes from the moment of separation; the realisation of the impossible. This is how good fiction for children can be, not only helping in learning to read, but playing a key role in intellectual development.

Saint George, Rusty Knight, and Monster Tamer is a series of nine self-contained historical short stories which introduces George, a hapless knight who has an unusual skill for monster taming, and which, with wit and delightful aplomb takes the young reader on an adventurous journey though some significant moments in history.

09 Aug 2015

10 Indoor Fun Activities for Kids in Winter

Kids love playing all the time. Be it indoor or outdoor, they love playing so much that you can’t keep them away from games. They are so passionate about games or playing that they don’t even care or bother about the weather. But being a parent, you do. You want them to be inside the house and spend their vacations playing games when the weather outside turns harsh during the winter times.

In addition, you want them to play only those games that are perfect for the weather and that keep them engaged and busy for hours. And that’s where you turn to indoor games for winter. You know that options are endless and the only problem is choosing the best ones from the lot. If you face the same problem, then worry not as the list given below will help you out.

Your kids can try some of these indoor games during their winter break:-

Treasure hunt
Nothing can keep kids as hooked for hours as a game of Treasure Hunt! So, go ahead, take the initiate and lay out rules for the game. Just hide something somewhere in the house, give some clues and let it be found out.

Board Games
Board Games are just perfect to get a quality time for kids and let them boost their thinking capabilities. As options are plenty in the category, your kids won’t mind hooking up to them and let the winter pass in as entertaining manner as desired.

Kids love to make collage, or they love cutting pictures. So, go ahead and instruct them how to be specific with the task. Give them a theme, and just sit and let them do the job.

Let your kids paint and paint for all day long. Give them pencil and paper to design something, or fetch them colours and let them show their creative side. It’d be great if they tried painting dried leaves or trees inside the house.

Kids love making bubbles and you should let them do it. All you need to do is to get them the required materials, including a plate, straw, some water and soap and let them indulge in making bubbles. You can add some fun by turning this exercise competitive. You can reward those forming long-lasting or bigger bubbles.

Puzzles are a great way to let your kids have fun and let winter pass by even without troubling in any manner. You can either buy some puzzles or get them created to match the intellect level of the kids.

Card games
Card games are perfect to make the kids sit for hours and engage in harmless fun. You can join them to double their delights.

Making Paper Airplanes
Kids love to make airplanes and you should give them some paper and just teach them once. Now sit back and let them fly the planes inside the house.

Soft hurdle jumping
You can stack your pillows and mattress in a way to create a hurdle and let your kids cross over that. Just sit back and see your kids having a great time with the hurdle.

You can get a small-size trampoline and fit it in the house to give a lot for entertainment. Let kids go on trampolining and have great fun for hours.

It’s obvious that kids have no dearth of indoor games for winter and all they need to do is to select the best ones from the lot. If they pick the right games, they won’t ever feel like venturing out, ever, for sure!

08 Aug 2015

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites for Babies & Toddlers

Well, whenever the idea of online shopping crops up in our mind, we get to see and also find a wide range of sites that allow for online shopping. You can get your desired products and that too at extremely reasonable prices when you are shopping online. There are a huge number of shopping websites where you can buy a wide range of things for men, women and also children.

Products that you need for your kids

The products that you may need for your babies depend from your baby to another baby. After all, all kids are not same and the main thing to be kept in mind while buying your kid’s products is that their requirements may also vary. Here are a list of such products that you may need for your baby.

1. Baby clothes
2. Diapers
3. Blankets
4. Toys & games
5. Video monitors
6. Footwear
7. Books
8. Feeding products
9. Potty training

These are a few items that are extremely essential for your kids. Now let us have a glance at the list of 10 websites that you can opt for if you want to buy products for your kids. These are as follows:

1. First cry:

To speak of First Cry, it needs to be said at the very beginning that it is one of the biggest stores that allows you to buy products of kids and toddlers. First cry boasts of having a huge number of 70000 products that are basically Indian as well as International brands. Some of the things available on First cry for toddlers include Footwear, Apparel, Baby toys, Books, Health Care, CDs, Feeding products, Gifts, maternity etc.

Now to speak of the brands those are available on First Cry, it can be said that there are a huge number of options you can choose from. Some of the brands include Gini and Jony, Funskool, Pampers, Simba, Camel, Sun Baby, Angry Bird, Baby Hug, Farlin, Ben10, Mattel, Pigeon, Fisher Price, Barbie, Hot wheels, Gerber, Nataraj, Disney, and so on.

2. Babyoye:

Babyoye is a famous website for online shopping. You can buy products for toddlers and kids. This website offers you a wide range of products like Footwear, Apparels, Feeding & Nursing, Baby Gear, Nursery, Toys, Books & CDs, Bath & Health, Stationary Maternity, School and Accessories. All these products are of excellent quality and belong to either top Indian or International brands which include Chicco, Sunbaby, Happy Dino, Mothertouch, Hauck, Fisher Price, Goodbaby, Funskool, Little Tikes, Hot Wheels, Simba, Disney, and so on.

3. Hopscotch:

Hopscotch is another leading online store for shopping online where you can buy a variety of products for kids as well as toddlers. This online website boasts of having a huge number of products that which belong to Indian as well as International brands. Some of the things available on First cry for toddlers include Footwear, Feeding products, Apparel, Accessories, Baby toys, Health Care, Gifts, Personal Care, Books, Home & Kitchen, maternity etc.

Some of the brands available here on this website include Aquaphor, Beetle & Bottle, Wallcandy Arts, WaterWipes, Funkrafts, Ribbon, Magic Moms, Lollipop Lane, Hot Wheels, Ben Benny, Calvin Klein, Funskool, Angry Birds, Chooze Shoes, Green Toys and so on.

4. MyBabyCart:

To speak of MyBabyCart, it needs to be said at the very beginning that it is one of the biggest stores that allows you to buy products of kids and toddlers.

This website is a leading online shopping site for buying products for toddlers and kids. Here you can get offers products like Fashion Accessories, Toys & Gears, Clothes, & Party Picks, Diapering & Bath, Décor & Bedding, Gifts Feeding & Nursery, Health & Safety Needs, Books & CDs etc. These products belong to the best brands, be it Indian or International. The brands that you can find here include Morph, Nine Maternity, Be U Bags, Fisher Price, SunBaby, Little Wanderers, Little Feet, Bum Chum, Chicco, Molto, Tiny Care, Chicco, UVTI Clothing, Love Baby and so many others.

5. Redlily:

From RedLily you can do all of the shopping you want to do for your kids and toddlers. Some of the wide range products that are available her include The products offered include games, feeding & nursing, nursery, electronic gadgets and toys, soft toys, balloons & accessories, costumes and so on.

6. Shopclues:

Well, to speak of this famous site it only needs to be said that this is perhaps one of the most popular website among all of us. This online shopping website has the headquarters at Gurgaon, but it was generally founded in the Silicon Valley in California. On shopclues you can always get your desired products and that tool at reasonable prices. Here you can even get the best products for your kids and toddlers including games, feeding & nursing, nursery, electronic gadgets and toys, soft toys, balloons & accessories, costumes and so on. The best thing is that there are also certain offers on various products.

7. Crazy8:

Crazy8 is a new part of TheGymboree Corporation. From here you can always buy products for your kids, which include Feeding & Nursery, Personal Care, Toys, Furnishing, Electronics, Party Supplies, Gifts, Diapering, Stationary, potty training, etc.

8. Snapdeal:

Snapdeal is yet an excellent website that allows you to buy various types of goods and products online. The best thing is that here you can get access to the products that you can buy at very low costs. This is a great site to buy products for your babies and kids. Here you can always get bath and skin care, mom and maternity, baby bedding, baby gear & safety, feeding & nursing, diapers etc. Chicco, Avent, Mamy Pokopants, Pigeon, Mee Mee etc are some of the famous brands that are available here on this shopping website.

9. Amazon:

Well, Amazon is beyond doubt an excellent website for buying various types of products online. And when it comes to buying products for your baby or toddler, you can safely rely on Amazon. Here on this famous website you can get bedding, kids’ furniture, potty training, strollers, prams, carriers, baby monitors, nursery décor, feeding, baby care and also activity products and that too of excellent quality. Some of the featured brands that you can opt for include Libero, Avent, Luvlap, Fisher-Price, Pampers, Johnson’s baby, Himalaya, Nubby and so on.

10. LittleMe:

LittleMe is another excellent website that you can always opt for in order to buy products for your kids and toddlers. Some of the products include Fashion Accessories, Toys & Gears, Clothes, & Party Picks, Diapering & Bath, Décor & Bedding, Gifts Feeding & Nursery, Health & Safety Needs etc.

05 Aug 2015